1. How can Castle Consultants help us to buy metal scrap?

Castle Consultants has vast database & global network of reliable yard owners & metal scrap trading companies. We ensure that our suppliers are carefully screened for experience, quality, and professionalism so that our clients have a smooth transaction. We also provide complete shipping solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients and vendors. Our logistics team will evaluate the time, cost, and feasibility of shipping your materials with multiple shipping sources in order to find the most cost effective and efficient method for the transportation of your sourced materials.

2. What is role & position of Castle Consultants in transaction?

Castle Consultants is an indenting / trading / importing company. Our role in the transactions varies from being consultant to indenter or ourselves importer of recycle metal. We are direct & important link between suppliers and buyer worldwide. Due to our extensive knowledge of scrap metal industry, logistics & finance we are in position to offer best solutions to buyers & supplier worldwide. Our Founder Mr. Vishal Singh Jain has been in marine industry for over 12 years and has excellent knowledge about marine industry & relations with suppliers worldwide.

3. What is responsibility of Castle Consultants?

Castle Consultants is foremost a client service company and it’s our utmost endeavor to serve the best interests of the client / buyer & supplier as well. We form a delicate bridge – link between two parties and we are always of opinion of amicable settlement of any disputes which may arise due to quality and quantity issues. As an Indenter, we are always there to see that the buyer’s genuine claims are settled amicably and the buyer is satisfied with the efforts of Indenter. If we do not give service to buyers, they are not going to revert back with further orders.

Please note disputes cannot be solved in hours or few days time – from our experience it take minimum couple of weeks to arrive at amicable solution. It may also increase depending upon nature of problem. We discourage buyers from opening containers or use disputed scrap. As we are dealing with scrap and not semi-finished or finished products, we may sometime have some quality complaints in the material. Supplier is not responsible for any claim, if the container is already unloaded.

We prefer to route all documentation through our office and financial transactions via our banks to ensure timely & prompt payment to suppliers & risk free correct documentation. We assume full responsibility if the transaction is routed through our office & banks – however if client does choose to directly interface with supplier we provide best services & guidance for a fee consideration limited to correct paperwork guidance , selection of best supplier , minimize transactional costs and assume no fiscal responsibility with limited ( liability ) role to ensure smoother transaction. Final Due Diligence is always the responsibility of Buyer & Seller.

4. How do I start business with Castle Consultants ?

It is very simple – few step process. Send us an email on info@castleconsultants.in with your complete contact details. Email should come from official email address in case of end user buyer / company / corporate.

Email should contain (minimum) all below stated information

  • Cargo details - Ratio
  • Discharge Port - Exact Name.
  • Final Place of Delivery.
  • Port Facilities - who would pay for unloading - crane charges if applicable for bulk shipments
  • Special Requirements
  • Delivery Time - Tentative Schedule
  • Expected Cost – This is very important – we have come across buyers / brokers who are not even aware of what they want to buy or their target price. We are indenting / trading / Consultation Company, we use our resources in best possible manner when we know what is buyer’s expected target price – without that information we are wasting our resources.
  • Payment Instrument – how would you pay, do you have adequate credit facility with your bank, and can you open letter of credit. We are banking experts and can help you reach best possible solution.
  • DLC Terms - Conditions Term or Sight
  • DLC Opening Bank Details ( Names / Swift Code ) & Draft Copy of DLC from Buyer's Bank.
  • Commission - parties involved / Mark Up if ANY. Your Position in Transaction & other pertinent information
Email without proper information is not replied.

5. What are other commodities that Castle Consultants deals in?


Non Ferrous Scrap – AL Tense , AL turnings , AL Taint / Tabor , AL Extrusions , AL UBC , AL Wheels , AL Virgin , Brass Honey , Red Honey , Cu Birch , Cu Cliff , Cu Berry , Cu Candy , Cu Millberry , Cu Wires.

We are an international sourcing company & We can source most economical metal scrap from around the World – We Take Pride in our sourcing capabilities & turnkey solutions

6. I have contacted you many times but you have not responded?

If you request emails includes any of following demands or request we will not respond

  • Payment of first shipment at the port of arrival
  • Long term contracts (12 months minimum) conditioned to performance of first shipment.
  • LOIs and/or ICPOs issued on blank papers without the letterhead, buyer's name and/or buyer's coordinates.
  • Requests to visit the storage facility before the hard copies of the contract are signed and sealed by both parties.
  • Copy of Bill of Ladings or other documents relative to previous deliveries, sanitized or otherwise.
  • Request to produce a picture of the goods.

To fully understand the reluctance of the supplier to consider paying attention to any of the above, one must accept the notion that respectable end users, suppliers and brokers alike are committed to operate with the highest degree of ethic and professionalism if they wish to enjoy a perpetual flow of business.

Requests like the one listed above serve no practical purpose because they do not guarantee availability of product, quality, delivery nor excellence of service. A visit to the storage site is a useless waste of time and money because, like in our case, the suppliers have storage in all 5 Continents and has the option in the contract to ship the used metal from anyone of his storage facilities in accordance to commitments made to other buyers, the distance from the port of loading and the ports of discharge and atmospheric conditions.